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How to Care For and Clean Leather Boots

How to Care For and Clean Leather Boots

When you buy leather goods, and specifically leather boots, you commit to caring for them in the best way. Leather boot care can be slightly intensive, but if you take the time to do it, your boots will last forever. You can care for your leather boots in three steps: cleaning, condition, and polishing.
During the winter months, boots are a huge staple in many people’s wardrobe. They provide warmth and protection from harsh winter climates and add a stylish flair to any outfit. Your winter boots need to withstand the elements for multiple seasons to get as much value as possible out of them. One way to ensure that happens is to clean them regularly. 

Here are a few easy ways to keep your leather boots clean so they will last for several winters.

Cleaning Boots

When cleaning your boots, the first and most important thing to do is to loosen and remove any surface debris. This debris, like dirt and salt, can be harmful to the leather, so if it’s buffed into the boot, you run the risk of ruining your shoe. Once the loose debris is removed, use a horsehair brush to buff the surface of your boot and remove any stubborn substances. It’s recommended that you repeat this step once every other week.
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Next, take a damp rag and swirl it in a pot of a saddle soap until it starts to lather. Test the soap on a small part of the shoe to make sure that it won’t cause a permanent stain. Run the rag across the entire surface of the boot, paying attention to any areas that are stained or need extra scrubbing. Allow that to dry for at least 10 minutes. You don’t have to use saddle soap each time you go to clean your boots, only if you notice that your shoes need a little extra cleaning.

Conditioning Boots

Knowing how to condition leather boots is an essential step when you’re caring for them. Conditioners are useful for moisturizing the leather and keeping the fabric hydrated and soft. Once every 1-3 months, break out your conditioning kit.

When you’re ready to condition your boot, it’s a good idea to, again, test a small spot on the shoe to make sure that the conditioner won’t discolor the leather. Work the conditioner over the boot and add more conditioner as needed. Conditioning may temporarily darken the shoe, but as it dries, the original color will show through.

How to Polish Boots

Once a week, be sure to polish your leather boots to keep them moisturized and shiny throughout the winter. You can use either shoe cream to provide the boot with additional moisture and nourishment or a wax-based polish to give a more pronounced shine. Either way, it’s important to find a polish that matches the color of your boots as closely as possible.

Start with a small amount (a little goes a long way!) and add more polish as needed to produce maximum shine. Another benefit of polishing your leather boots is that the polish creates a barrier between the boot and debris, which keeps them looking fresh for longer. After the polish is dry, give the shoes a brush with the brush you used to shine your boots with to provide them with a final buffing to expose even more shine.

In addition to cleaning your boots when they are already dry, you need to know how to care for your boots when they are wet. You can use a water-resistant spray, but it’s not generally necessary. Depending on the type of leather you get, your boots will naturally be water-resistant, but it’s important to care for wet boots to avoid cracking and fading. 

The good news is that it’s pretty simple to keep them looking pristine after they get drenched – let them air dry! Never set your wet boots directly in the sunlight or by a fire because it could dry your boots too quickly, causing them to crack.

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The Warmest Materials for a Winter Coat

The Warmest Materials for a Winter Coat

During the cold winter months, it’s important to find the perfect winter coat that is equal parts warm, comfortable, and fashionable. But, it can be hard to know which fabrics can tick all of those boxes when the time comes to purchase a coat. Winter coats are meant to last for years, so if you get one that doesn’t satisfy your needs, you might have to shell out even more money to buy a better coat next season. So, what is the warmest material for winter coats? We wanted to help you know how to buy a winter coat, so below are three durable, warm fabrics to look for when you’re out shopping this season. Be sure to review our list of the best top winter-weather coat materials below. Happy shopping!

Best Fabrics or Materials for Winter Coats

When people think of warm winter coats, one of the first fabrics that go into their minds is wool. Wool is a gorgeous, and incredibly warm fabric that is perfect for the winter months. Wool is lightweight, yet strong, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Wool is a natural fabric, typically gotten from sheep, and creates a natural insulation due to the air pockets that are naturally present throughout. And because it’s a natural fabric, it also naturally water-resistant, so it’s a great option for keeping warm and dry through the snowy weather. All-in-all, it’s one of the best options for both a casual or formal winter coat.

e may be cheating a little bit, but tweed is a fabric that had to make it onto the list. Tweed is made out of wool or wool blend and usually comes in naturally-occurring colors. Tweed is also very durable and can come in a variety of options in terms of how heavy it is. Lightweight tweed coats are a good option for more mild fall temperatures while heavyweight tweed coats can withstand even the most frigid of winters. The sky’s the limit for this versatile fabric!

Natural Fur and Faux Fur 
Fur is soft, luxurious, and downright warm. Humans have been wearing fur for millions of years and it has never gone out of fashion for a reason. It is water-resistant and can withstand temperatures well below freezing. Now, fur coats coming in much more flattering silhouettes but there still as durable and warm as ever. They are even available in a faux fur option so you can have the same level of warmth and quality without having to use an animal’s coat and you can often pay less for it.

How to Care for Your Winter Coat 
No matter what fabric you opt to get your winter coat in, it’s imperative to know how to take care of it so it can last for multiple seasons. Most of the time, higher quality materials can only be dry cleaned and it’s important to find a great dry cleaning company that can provide quality services to not just your coat, but all of your garments.

That’s where we come in. Visit Casa Dry Cleaners to get the highest-quality dry cleaning for all of your warm winter coats. We offer environmentally-friendly dry cleaning services that are specifically designed for particular fabrics, so no matter which fabric you choose, it will be cleaned effectively.

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New York City Dry Cleaning 10011

New York City Dry Cleaning 10011

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