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New York Laundry Services | 212-647-8602

New York Laundry Services | 212-647-8602 New York Organic Dry Cleaners | Casa Dry Cleaners. CASA Organic Dry Cleaners & Custom Tailoring is a full service dry cleaning establishment with locations in New York City. Call today 212-647-8602. In addition to our stores we also service hotels, sport clubs, residential buildings and universities.

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Same Day Dry Cleaning | Organic | New York City

Same Day Dry Cleaning | Organic | New York City

5 Benefits Of Professional Dry Cleaning

In an Increasingly Wrinkle-Free, Wet-Wash, Hassle-Free Clothing World, Why Should I Pay For Dry Cleaning?

After all, companies like Jos. A. Bank and Eddie Bauer have worked hard to offer “traveler” lines of wrinkle resistant clothes. While others have developed some fantastic lines of washable silks and wools. Dressing well in the 21st century, like most everything else, has become “user-friendly.” Like most people you can chuck your dirty clothes in your washing machine, dry it, and still look pretty darn good. Simple.
Despite the increasing popularity of these clothing lines, dry cleaning and professional cleaning is no worse for the wear. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider professional dry cleaning.

1. Super Stain Removal

If you’re like me, food has a natural affinity for your clothes; particularly, your nice clothes. For example, if you were out with your friends and dropped some pizza on yourself you would have a number of issues. First, you would have to remove the wet-side tannin from the tomato sauce which requires wet cleaning with something slightly acidic. A quick wash in your machine, right after your pizza made a jump for it, would do a decent job at removing surface stains. However, the bigger issue would be all the oils and greases: olive oil in the sauce and crust, grease from the cheese and meats. The best way to handle these stains is with a powerful degreaser. As a professional cleaners, we have access to incredibly powerful degreasers, soaps, and solvents. A rinse in our Eco-friendly solvent (Solvon K4) would lift those stains out rather quickly. So, eat without fear!

2. Try a Little Tenderness

Dry cleaning is unique in being both powerful and gentle. A lot of clothes you would consider bringing into a professional cleaners are, well, special. You don’t want to go to a laundromat and chuck your favorite shirt or pair of pants into that machine. We bought a Firbimatic f40, Italian made, dry cleaning machine. It’s not only Eco-friendly, but customizable. So instead of whipping your clothes around at 1800 rpm, we can slow it down to 120-140 rpm. Meaning: your clothes get the powerful clean of hydrocarbon solvent with the most gentle process. So, there’s no need to worry about your expensive or, simply, your favourite clothes getting ruined.

3. Finish Like A Pro

"Oh, ah!"
“Oh, ah!”
Like a good golf-swing, we follow through. After your clothes have been tagged, spot cleaned, and washed they will be either hand-pressed or steamed out. Pressing your own clothes can be tedious and often frustrating ordeal. But, it’s our profession. We have specially designed machines to press cuffs and collars, blouses and jackets; even to steam out the top part of your pants. That means you get a fantastic looking finish to your clothes. Having a wrinkle-resistant shirt is very different from having one that has been professionally cleaned and pressed.

4. Lucille, Angora, and Faille! Oh my!

Although there are many easy-to-wear clothing lines, there are still those items, with the unpronounceable fabrics, that need a little extra attention. If you aren’t sure what the fabric is you should research it or bring it in and ask us. It’s our job to know how to clean a variety of items and fabrics. Besides strange fabrics you may just have an item that you shouldn’t try cleaning yourself. Neckties, suits, and blouses are notorious culprits. Just dabbing a stain on one of these items with water or home remedy can have disastrous results that are hard, if not impossible, to reverse. If you aren’t sure about something, play it safe. Take it to a professional.

5. It’s So Fluffy

That’s what most of us would like to say about our bed spreads–nice puffy comforter, mattress topper, pillow. A lot of these items can be cleaned at home. However, since we’re American (Uh-Mur-Uh-Kahn) we like things big and bold. You can often get away with washing a twin size comforter in your standard washing machine. But anything larger and you run into multiple complications. There’s no room for it to spin and actually get clean; it might shove all the filling to one side; worse yet, it might tear. Depending on your lifestyle, it is usually best to let us take care of it. We have the machinery and the ability to safely clean your household items. Whether you have a nice Pendleton wool blanket, a nice set of drapes, or a ginormous cloud-like bed spread we’re able to clean it all.

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Dry Cleaners & Custom Tailoring in NYC, NY

Dry Cleaners & Custom Tailoring in NYC, NY

Dry cleaning is a necessity if you own a closet full of elegant men’s clothing. While proper wardrobe maintenance should always be the foundation of your clothes cleaning efforts, dry cleaning has its place.  The tags of your sweaterssuits, and shirts may declare that they are “dry clean only”, but what does that mean and why is it necessary? After all, frequent dry cleaning can be quite costly and that “bargain” sweater that needs to be cleaned every time you wear it ends up costing you lots of money and time.