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New York’s #1 Organic Cleaners - 10001

New York’s #1 Organic Cleaners - 10001


Quality Dry Cleaning

Making you look good is our business. When you look good, we look good. For this reason we are committed to treating your garments with the utmost care and quality.  All dry cleaning and wet cleaning is done in house, and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our route drivers are also trained to provide the best care to your garments.

Executive Shirt Laundry

We don’t outsource your shirts to a big cleaner who doesn’t know your name, we do everything right here with the latest in shirt pressing technology. You will definitely look good in a shirt that has been professionally laundered and pressed. We always double check to make sure your buttons are not damaged or missing, and that your shirt is looking great, complete with a collar support. Ask for your shirts on hangers, or folded and boxed.

Drapes/Household Cleaning

Comforters, blankets, duvet covers, bedspreads, down pillows, sleeping bags drapes, afghans, and other large household items should be cleaned professionally. Tablecloths, napkins, and small rugs also come out looking great. Let us also enhance the appearance of your home by cleaning these items regularly.

Wedding Gowns and Preservation

Let us help your wedding plans by making sure your dress looks perfect for that special day. After the wedding we can clean the dress again and preserve in an acid-free, air tight Treasure Chest.

Restoration Cleaning

Using a special set of chemicals we can restore clothing and households damaged from fire or flood. We have the capacity to do large quantities in a short amount of time.

Unusual Items

We can clean items you may not have thought about washing. Just about anything you can get dirty we can get clean. We clean everything from stuffed animals, to costumes, to luggage and dog beds. Forget the mess, send Fido’s bed to us.

Alterations and Mending

Any tailoring or mending job is simple for our seamstress who has more than 20 years experience. Simply mark the garment where alterations are needed, and a few days later it will fit you perfectly.

Leather Cleaning

Cleaning your leather and suede jackets, pants, shirts, vests, etc. is no problem for us. We can also take care of your fur coats. Because leathers and furs require special chemicals and equipment for cleaning and dyeing, we have partnered with leather specialists that have been in business for decades.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New York Organic Dry Cleaners Free pick up and delivery

New York Organic Dry Cleaners Free pick up and delivery

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cleaning Up After a Fire NYC | Clothing & Fabric

Cleaning Up After a Fire NYC | Clothing & Fabric

A fire is a frightening ordeal, and leaves a huge burden. The health and safety of everyone in your home – adults, children, and pets – are affected and restoring their sense of safety and getting thing “back to normal” is often top priority.

First on your recover list you’ll want to begin cleaning and removing the smoke odor from your home and fabrics. The smell lingers in textiles throughout your home like the carpet, upholstery, drapery, clothing, and pillows. Even a small fire can lead to a clingy smoke odor that seems impossible to get out. By working with fire restoration professionals, many of your items can be refurbished instead of having to be completely replaced.

Working with a professional fire restorer is the best course of action to avoid further clothing and fabric damage. That black powdery, flaky substance left behind, soot, is made up of very fine particles, and is not easy to remove. Before odor can be tackled, soot must first be eliminated as it is one main source of the odor. Removing soot can be complicated, because though it looks dusty, it contains a lot of oils which stain.

Deodorizing Fabrics and Clothing

Throwing items, such as clothing and towels, into a washing machine is probably your first instinct when ridding your home of the fire and smoke smell, but it’s not advised. Your washer and dryer can actually cause the odor to set into the fabric, making it difficult–if not impossible–to eradicate. You’re better off calling in a professional.

Cleaning & Deodorizing Large Fabric Items

Items like rugs, drapery, and clothing with special care fabrics should be taken to a dry cleaning professional. For larger items, including furniture upholstery and carpeting, working with a cleaning expert is recommended.

At Casa Organic Dry Cleaners, we offer a specialty restoration service for fire, smoke or water damage. As a Certified Restoration Dry cleaner, we follow established guidelines for restoration work. We return your clothing and household contents to their previous condition at a fraction of the replacement cost. Not only do you save time and money, but you also keep your treasured possessions priceless.

We work closely with the insurance company and the insured to make claims processing more cost effective, smooth and time efficient by:

Processing rush orders

working with the insured to identify garments that are outdated or those that are cheaper to replace than to clean

Ensuring that there are NO SURPRISES by submitting an itemized quote for approval prior to cleaning

  • Itemizing and documenting the Total Loss for your verification 
  • On site inventory when required 
  • We take Digital Photos of damaged clothes 
  • Delicate and exotic fabric expertise (including fine silks and Indian fabrics) 
  • Response to initial call within an hour 
  • Pick-up is within 12 hours of call and we determine the scope of the project 
  • Pack out all items that needs cleaning and determine the emergency clothing needs as specified by the insured 
  • Emergency Dry Cleaning is returned to the insured as soon as possible 

We get a written Work Authorization before we start the job and issue a Certificate of Completion after the job is complete.

Casa Cleaners use advanced equipment, special techniques and advanced processes to restore clothing and other textiles. We guarantee our work. 212-647-8602

Casa Organic Dry Cleaners - A Certified Restoration Dry Cleaner

155 West 21st Street, (bet. 6th & 7th Avenue)
New York, New York 10011