Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New York Back to School Dry Cleaning TIPS

Back to School Dry Cleaning TIPS for your School Clothes.

We are in the middle of fall and kids are back in school. While most parents’ dread back-to-school shopping, nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a new wardrobe for your children only to have it get destroyed. Keep your kids looking great throughout the school year with using these tips:
Group Your Laundry in Categories 
The small tags on the inside of your children’s clothing can be hard to read, and even easier to forget about. However, it is important when you first purchase clothing items to read the tags and know if they need any special treatment. You will know exactly how to sort them, what temperature water to use or if they are dry clean only. That way you will save time in the laundry room and lessen the chance of accidental damage.
Purchase Stain Remover 
Kids will be kids. That is the best way to put it. School days there is bound to be dirt, paint, lunch spills and more on their clothing. Having a few stain removers in your car and in the laundry room will save time, energy and children’s heartache over clothing.
Household Cleaners
One of the best household cleaners to have is white vinegar. A wide variety of stains can be removed after an item has soaked in it. Then just wash as normal afterwards. Baking soda is another great asset. If you have noticed that backpacks, shoes and more have picked up an unpleasant aroma after a few months pour some baking soda on or in the items and it will help the odor fade.
Dry Cleaning
Before you give up on an item and toss it, bring it to Casa Dry Cleaners in New York City to try and revive it. Dry cleaning is a great way to remove any odors, stop items from losing their color and remove stains. Not only will Casa Dry Cleaners help keep your kids’ items looking brand new, but dry cleaning also saves money in the long run because your children’s clothing items last longer.

Kids have a way of staining their clothes in a matter of minutes. Make sure you are prepared for the school year with these tips and Casa Dry Cleaners  to keep their wardrobe looking its best.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

New York Organic Dry Cleaners | Casa Dry Cleaners

New York Organic Dry Cleaners | Casa Dry Cleaners New York Organic Dry Cleaners | Casa Dry Cleaners. CASA Organic Dry Cleaners & Custom Tailoring is a full service dry cleaning establishment with locations in New York City. Call today 212-647-8602. In addition to our stores we also service hotels, sport clubs, residential buildings and universities.